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Global Societal e-Regions
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Pan-Europa Network of e-Regions
From Portugal to the Ural, from Island to Istanbul.
1.500 e-Regions in one Network.

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e-Regions are geo-territories with a coherent cultural, read same language, ecologic, socio-economic and administrative coherence.
They include provinces, large cities, départements, prefectures, Kreiss, districts, etc.
There are an estimated 15.000 e-regions in the world.
In SocietalSystem, e-Regions are considered the key-platforms of the world's socio-economy and finance,
and should become the points of gravity of deliberative societal goverance, read non-party politics.

Pan-Europa Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030
within the
StS Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030
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European Parliament (E)lections 2024
with Citizens' Local Intervention Plan

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World SocietalSystem Organization Platform Europe Continent - World SocietalSystem Organization Platform European Union
World SocietalSystem Organization Platform e-Regions Network

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StS-Foundation and StS-Fund
Personal and Professional Own-Domains Connection Platform
World SocietalSystem Organization
Local-Global Societal, Deliberative and Citizens' steered Co-Governance Platform,
gradually replacing party politics and  radically e-rationalizing  public administrations
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StS-Site UN SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - StS-Site Climate Change
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